Android Application Development

As one of the leading smartphone platforms in the US, Android’s strength stems from its robust underlying technologies that allow applications to run on multiple devices while conserving system resources.

The high adoption rate for this device and its robust feature rich operating system that includes multiple graphics libraries, SQLite for data storage, WebKit coupled with Chrome8, Dalvik virtual machine, streaming media support, multi-touch, Bluetooth and more,  make Android a desirable app environment.

With more than 700,000 apps already in Google Play, formerly Android Market, the question is how will your app get noticed? There are several elements that successful apps must have:

  • World-class intuitive graphical UI design
  • Reliable, consistent app performance
  • Entertaining apps that are efficient, engaging and enjoyable
  • Fast fluid navigation with ease of use
  • Faster time to market  
  • Cost effective deliverable

* Use this comprehensive set of resources to get your Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app built and successfully launched in the Windows Store.