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21 WWDC 2015 Outlook file
Apr 26, 2015 565
Apple's WWDC 2015 (Worldwide Developers Conference) will kick off on 8 June, and the company is sure to show off a raft of exciting new products. Here are the highlights we're expecting and the rumours we're hearing, from Mac, iPad and iPhon...  
20 7 Apple Watch Apps You Need to Try
Apr 24, 2015 511
Screen real estate is at a premium on the Apple Watch and has challenged developers to figure out how to create unique and valuable experiences for the wrist. Along with the arrival of the Apple Watch today, more than 3,000 apps have been op...  
19 캠프 간증문 Lamb Letter #33 (5) file
Apr 18, 2015 841
지난 2년간 저희와 함께 청소년들에 성경을 가르친 데이빗 박 전도사님의 간증문을 올립니다. 그동안 복된 시간들이었읍니다. 개인사정으로 이사역을 그만 두시게 되고 지금은 토렌스 장로교에서 고등부 담당 전도사로 일하시고 계십니다. 영어을 번역한글입...  
18 Which Smartphone Is the Most Durable?
Apr 18, 2015 972
Smartphone durability comparison test lands the Galaxy S6 as top-ranked device. Do you believe? I Do Not. - - ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos  
17 Apple Watch Ticks Nearly 1 Million in Sales
Apr 13, 2015 582
Apple Watch Ticks Nearly 1 Million in Sales About 957,000 customers purchased Apple Watches on the first day they were available for sale on online, Slice Intelligence estimates. ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos  
16 캠프 청소년 LAMB LETTER #5 (1) file
Apr 11, 2015 593
A. 절망 그는 이제 겨우 16살의 캄보디아소년입니다. '절망 속에 버려진 인생'이라는 표현이 어울린 인상. 처음 오피스에서 그를 만났을 때 "어쩌면 저렇게 흉칙하게 보일까?" 그에대한 저의 첫 인상이었습니다. 거무칙칙한 피부, 심히 작은 몸집, 그리고 마...  
15 Preview an Apple Watch
Apr 10, 2015 708
What it takes to get a fitting appointment on the first day of Apple Watch pre-orders. ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos  
14 Where to Try on Gold Watch file
Apr 10, 2015 568
The luxury versions of Apple Watch, known as Edition, have price tags ranging from $10,000 to $17,000. Watch cases are made with 18-karat gold alloys, and some of the pricier models have special band options unavailable with other models.All...  
13 The best of CES in :90
Apr 07, 2015 978
Smartphone cases that can print your selfies and cameras that fit just about anywhere were among the highlights from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.  
12 Google under fire for YouTube Kids app file
Apr 07, 2015 577
The groups are charging the new app's videos intermix entertainment and commercial content in a way that is deceptive -- and would not be permitted on broadcast or cable television. They are asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate...  
11 Samsung S6 Edge as Bendable as iPhone 6 Plus & More Likely to Crack Under Pressure
Apr 06, 2015 595
SquareTrade Shows Samsung S6 Edge as Bendable as iPhone 6 Plus & More Likely to Crack Under Pressure  
10 Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple's iPhone 6
Mar 27, 2015 3264
The curved aluminum edges, the placement of the volume and on/off buttons, the bumped-out rear camera and pretty much everything else about the Galaxy S6 is the same as the iPhone 6 -- right down to the fingerprint-sensor home button. If im...  
9 5 Great Moments from Steve Jobs
Mar 25, 2015 1233
8 7 big changes coming to Facebook
Mar 25, 2015 2891
1. Spherical videos on your News Feed and Oculus VR headset (if you have one). Facebook will soon support videos shot with 360-degree camera technology (the same way Google Maps' Street View photos are captured). These videos allow you to ch...  
7 Think the tech bubble is going to burst? (Silicon Valley) file
Mar 25, 2015 603
Think the tech bubble is going to burst? Then put your money where your mouth is. As early-stage startups capture millions within months of launching and receive sky-high valuations despite little to no revenue, those in tech have been sound...  
6 Career IT (Web & App)
Mar 23, 2015 570
Career We are looking for Graphics / Web Designer have 6 months to 3 yrs experience. Skills Required - Photoshop, Coreldraw, HTML5, CSS3. - Should have Knowledge of Responsive Web Designing. please send your resume to  
5 The tech trends that will change the world (2015)
Mar 21, 2015 779
According to every credible source we can find, there are almost 3 billion people connected to the public internet right now; by 2020 the number will approach 4 billion. According to Cisco, by 2020 there will be over 50 billion connected dev...  
4 Is Apple crazy for dumping USB ports?
Mar 19, 2015 1042
Apple's new MacBook only has one port and it's not USB.  
3 Sony launches $50 Vue cord-cutting service
Mar 19, 2015 649
PlayStation Vue has launched in Chicago, New York and Philadelphia for the PS3 and PS4. It is accessible through Sony (SNE) PlayStation consoles and offers the kind of TV bundle that cable companies sell.  
2 Google testing super-secure email
Feb 26, 2015 506
Google is working on the ultimate security and privacy feature.It's called "End-to-End" encryption, and it's the best way to stop anyone from snooping on your emails. Google would turn your emails into jumbled code, and the only person who c...  
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